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Grey Hair Removal Soap

Grey Hair Removal Soap

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Are you counting more and more gray hairs?

Forget hair dyes and costly treatments. Dyes are only a temporary and damaging solution that merely covers up your hair. Give your hair back its color with a unique method by activating pigment cells deep in the hair roots.

The Gray Hair Reverse Bar brings gray hair back to life with its unique patented formula.

Week 1. 

Your scalp is healthier, and hair is noticeably more vibrant as ingredients like bamboo charcoal remove toxins and impurities from follicles, and pigmentation returns.

Week 3.

Gray hair continues to change to its natural pigmentation as melanin production in the cells increases.

Week 6. 

Your hair is smoother, more vibrant, and has its full natural color back as total pigment production is achieved, creating long-lasting effects.

Why your hair turns gray?

Even flawless hair can turn gray for a variety of reasons. Stress, aging, and genetic predispositions play a central role. As you age, the activity of melanocytes, the pigment cells in your hair, reduces. This causes the hair to lose its color. When stressed, the chemical NE is released into the follicle, rapidly destroying melanocytes and stopping pigment production. By protecting and stimulating melanocytes to produce more pigment, we can effectively offset unfavorable genetic conditions and daily stress.

With the power of nature

Panax ginseng root extract is a natural anti-aging agent and growth stimulant that strengthens hair roots and follicles for healthier hair. Black sesame has an anti-inflammatory effect and rejuvenates cells. Thus, it helps in building healthy, thick hair. Bamboo charcoal detoxifies your hair, absorbing toxins and impurities and leaving a natural protective oil layer. Shea butter moisturizes your hair, adds shine, and brings out its natural color. The anti-inflammatory properties protect the hair root.
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